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Today's Dating Advice
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Flirting and how to do it

Flirting is a subtle way of showing that you are sexually interested. It's all part of the mating game. But what if you're not too good at reading the signals and can't quite make out whether someone is interested in you?

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Today's Dating Advice
  • Couples who Swooned - Jane and Steve

    Jane and Steve

    Read their story » "Steve's profile stood out to me because it seemed like he has a good sense of humour. When we finally met up it was instant rapport, we talked in the pub for hours."
  • Couples who Swooned - Heather and Philip

    Heather and Philip

    Read their story » "After chatting on the phone several times he came down from Inverness to meet me. We had a really nice weekend sightseeing - and at the end of the weekend he kissed me - and then we both knew this was special. "
  • Couples who Swooned - Jean and Brian

    Jean and Brian

    Read their story » "When we first met we were completely at ease and chatted like long lost friends. We soon decided that we wanted to be together permanently"
  • Couples who Swooned - Derek and Linda

    Derek and Linda

    Read their story » "We both shared a passion for music, sailing and travelling and when we finally made contact we realised that we had both taken part in the same geography course in Pembrokeshire forty years earlier! "
  • Couples who Swooned - Marion and Brian

    Marion and Brian

    Read their story » "Our good fortune is cherished every day, and our happiness has encouraged another fаmily member to take the plunge, and try to find a suitable partner on the internet. "
  • Couples who Swooned - Liz and Ricky

    Liz and Ricky

    Read their story » "After a few months of meeting we decided that we wanted to be together all of the time. We found a house that we both loved and haven't looked back since"
  • Couples who Swooned - Delfina and John

    Delfina and John

    Read their story » "We are now inseparable and he spends every weekend with me. I had been a widower for a long time, and internet dating was a very safe way to meet future partners."
  • Couples who Swooned - Sue and Bob

    Sue and Bob

    Read their story » "I met Sue through your website, I was attracted to her looks and musical interests. Thankfully it was mutual attraction. The first date went very well, except for the unexpected arrival of her twin brother..."
Today's Dating Advice